Yoga is about how you feel, not how you look.

As a teacher, my intention is to share a welcoming and embodied practise, in an open, safe and easygoing environment. I teach slower, flowing styles of yoga, as well as Yin and restorative yoga, with an emphasis on not just the body, but the breath, mind, and general wellbeing. All my classes are accessible, and EVERYBODY is welcome. 

Balance is at the heart of my teaching – between moving and stillness, strength and ease, effort and surrender, doing and listening. I use my own practise to explore this concept of balance too; which usually means when my life is busy, my practise is chilled, or when I feel stuck my practise is more active. Discovering that yoga can act as a counterbalance to our daily grinds, has been revolutionary for me as a practitioner, teacher, and person.

My classes are always free of judgement. I don’t care if you are there for just the physical side of things, or for a nap (snoozing, doing your own thing, or just resting for an hour is HIGHLY encouraged in my classes). 

I’m a yoga floozy – I do not adhere to any particular lineage, dogma or style. I take what works for me, leave what doesn’t, and adapt when needed. I encourage my students to do the same. As a practitioner I honour and acknowledge the roots of Yoga, and deeply respect the long line of teachers and practitioners who have developed and informed this constantly evolving tradition. 

Hesitant of sounding like a cliche… I first came to yoga as a physical thing over ten years ago, and it ended up transforming my life. I completed my initial teacher training in 2015, and have been teaching ever since. I have also completed multiple further trainings in this time, please get in touch for my complete resume. 

In line with my changing relationship and understanding of yoga, I started out teaching much more dynamic styles of yoga, but have slowed down over the years. Things are now a little softer in the body and steadier in the mind, as I shift my attention more and more to the breath and pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. I try and attend one silent meditation retreat per year. 

Between February 2018 and June 2019, I was a trainer and lead trainer on Yoga Quota‘s innovative and internationally celebrated 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Since May 2020 Yoga Quota’s teacher training are now known as Nourish Yoga Training.

I am an advocate for inclusivity in the yoga space, largely inspired by involvement with the not-for-profit organisation Yoga Quota. Teaching for free classes for various charitable organisations, in particular mental health charities, has been an enormous privilege. 

I am acutely aware of the contemporary state of yoga, troubled by its commercialisation, and concerned by the cultural appropriation and misuse of practices. It is my intention to never knowingly contribute to these issues, and actively work to ensure that yoga remains connected to its origins, and available for all. 

I am committed to a path of yoga that facilitates positive societal, as well as personal, change.


Taking some time out.

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Miranda Yoga