Film Review: Babyteeth

dir. Shannon Murphy (2019) ‘Laughter for me can do only this: stretch what is tense to the point where it is unendurable… This must be why the laughter that interests me most, in the context… Read More »Film Review: Babyteeth

Book Review: Boys & Sex

by Peggy Orenstein (2020) I hadn’t expected to buy this book, but its predecessor Girls & Sex (2016) was just so fucking interesting I couldn’t not. Boys & Sex doesn’t disappoint, and as far as… Read More »Book Review: Boys & Sex

Film Review: Olla

dir. Ariane Labed, 2019 ‘Olla will be confronted with loneliness, boredom and violence under its most everyday forms. In facing this, Olla will be radical. My desire to make this film comes from the need… Read More »Film Review: Olla