I am Miranda, a writer and yoga teacher. I’m originally from the UK, often found in far flung places, and currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

I spend most of my days writing. It just rarely has my name on it and I can’t tell you where to find it. I am primarily a ghostwriter – writing for busy people who understand the art of delegating. Writing is harder and more time consuming than people think. You also have to love it to not just want to do it, but to do it well… and writing is something I love (and according to my mentors and clients do well). 

Sometimes I think I like writing for other people even more than I like writing for myself. I would probably really enjoy writing for you, find out more about my writing services

Occasionally I publish something that is all mine – name, words, heart and soul. I’ll let you know where to find it. It’s usually about art/life… I believe that art is the stuff of life, and that life is made of many complex strands, spun from our rich inner and outer beings, to our communities, societies, values and interests. 

I hold a masters degree in Film Aesthetics from Oxford University (which basically means I really love films and philosophy, and think the two go together really well – art/life and all that). My BA is in English Literature and History of Art from Leeds University (because I’ve always been greedy for a good book, artwork, or idea). I dipped my toe in doctoral study, but swiftly realised I didn’t actually need another degree to keep evolving my ideas, creativity or writing. 

Because I spend a lot of time in my head, I like to keep things balanced by noticing I have a body – and reminding other people that they have bodies too. I have been practising yoga for over a decade, and teaching it since 2015. 

I am a mediocre amateur gardener. Sticking my hands in dirt brings me enormous joy.

Miranda Yoga